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Sarah's Profile

Sarah graduated from James Madison University in 1971, and has furthered her education at Tidewater Community College. With two toddlers to take care of, she began her own business in 1985.  She  worked  in the corner of her bedroom at a student desk with her only equipment being a calculator.  Her vision was to be able to supplement her husbandís income while raising their two children. 

With the support of her family, Sarahís business has flourished and expanded in many ways. Though her office is still in her home, it now occupies an entire room.  As her client base continued to grow, her need for more equipment increased. Despite the fact that she is only using her third calculator, she recently upgraded to her seventh computer.  She also has a high speed internet connection, copy machine, fax machine, postage meter, laser printer, and color printer.  Over the years she has serviced  the bookkeeping needs of over 100 clients both in the Hampton Roads area and  throughout the United States.

Since 2003, Sarah has successfully completed the QuickBooks certification exam every year.  This knowledge better enables her to provide ongoing support to all of her clients that use QuickBooks. 

Sarahís family continues to be involved with her business.  John, her husband, built her first computer and  serves as a resource with Excel spreadsheets.  Her son Bob assists with computer support, web page design, and other technical issues.  Her daughter Allison, has helped with clerical work.

A few years ago Sarah was featured in Womanís World magazine.  If you would like to see a copy of this article, click here.